Steven Banuelos



My objectives are to always maintain a professional work place and be on time. Complete my duties, operate equiptment in a safe manner. I have skills in using equiptment such as fork lifts, lift trucks and semi-tractor trailer. I am also bilingual. Over all I'am a hard worker ill give 100% in every job i do. 

Professional Experiences

Truck Driver

C.R England

Since October 2010
Salt Lake City - United States

My mission is to be safe while driving and while im not driving, deliver my loads on time and follow all the over all rules.

Warehouse Worker

The Roomstore

From August 2009 Till September 2010
Mesa - United States

Keep new products on the show room floor, maintain a clean enviroment, complete my duties on time and be as useful and helpful with customers and fellow employees.


UTI integrated logistics

From June 2008 Till July 2009
Phoenix - United States

Complete my job duties. Make sure the products were picked and loaded on time and accurately in a safe manner.

Sales Representative

Sands on Broadway

From February Till October 2007
Mesa - United States

My mission was to make sales and help the customers find exactly what they were looking and also to set up appointments and file paperwork correctly and overall make sure the customers were satisfied.

Educational Background

Professional Truck Driver

Southwest truck driver training

April 2010
Phoenix - United States



i have a few months of experience in sales




I can hold a conversation with somebody, i can also translate.

Personal Interests

Spending time with my family

i like spending time with my family going out places with them and just overall having a good time with them I am very family orientated.


I really enjoy football i love watching football games and playing it too. I would have to say its my favorite sport.

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